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A few points on after care.

Thank you for using our service. Now that your items are nice and clean here are a few points to keep them spick and span.
Ferrous items will need to be treated. We will spray the item with a protective film but it is imperative that any ferrous metals are treated properly as soon as possible to prevent corrosion starting again.
Non-ferrous metals will remain looking good for some time without any treatment especially aluminium parts. Brass and copper will start to form an oxide layer over time due to exposure to the air so it may be that you might want to add some sort of protective layer on them. Stainless items will require no further treatment.
Some blast medium will remain ( we try to get it all back ‘cos it’s expensive) so if there are moving parts best strip it down and clean it all out. Carbs, pistons etc. will all need a thorough clean and overhaul.
If you have had an engine casing or anything with bearings still in place they will need to be replaced as the media will make short work of them once they start moving.
Any other questions please feel free to ask.
If there is any aspect of the work you are not happy with please let us know so we can rectify it. If you are happy tell as many people as you can.
Thanks for the custom

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