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Items for blasting are subject to the conditions below

All items must be de-greased. Light oil can be removed by the process however if the item is heavily soiled there will be an extra charge for cleaning. The process will also remove light paint but can’t remove powder coating and other such heavier coatings.
If the item has moving parts (bearings, carburettors etc.) parts must be dismantled and cleaned prior to use. Blast Off can not be held responsible for any remaining blast media in the item and the failure of components due to ineffective cleaning before reinstating the item. Bearings must be removed or replaced.
If the item is of a ferrous material we will coat it once cleaned with a protective spray. However this is a temporary measure and it is the customer’s responsibility to adequately treat ferrous surfaces after cleaning.
The blasting process removes oxide layers only. It does not damage the metal base. Any pitting that is evident is long term corrosion and NOT the result of the process. We have examples of this if you wish to see them. 
We do not recommend that entire engines are blasted in one go. Blast media will find its way into the engine. If the customer requires a whole engine blasted then it is their responsibility to strip and check all components before running the engine. Any damage caused due to failure to remove all blast media from internals will be the customer’s responsibility and Blast Off will not be held liable. We will only clean entire engines at the customer’s absolute insistence.
Once you have read and understood the above conditions we will ask you to sign a copy of this disclaimer before starting work on your items. We will take care of your parts as if they were our own.

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